Can lipstick go in carry on?

All liquid toiletries or makeup must comply with the TSA liquid rule. This means that each makeup container must be 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less, and all containers must fit inside a transparent resealable bag of one liter (one quart gallon). Other types of non-liquid makeup, such as lipstick, powder and blush, are allowed in hand luggage without limits. You can also carry solid lip balms without restrictions; however, gel lip balms are subject to the rules for transporting liquids.

Since these items aren't subject to the 3-1-1 rule, you can keep them organized in your cosmetic bag as you normally would. No, lipstick is not considered liquid under the TSA regulations, since the TSA classifies it as solid makeup. The TSA is not at all concerned about you wearing lipstick in your bag on an airplane. According to the TSA rules for applying makeup on an airplane, lipstick comes in a solid article that does not spill, although it does stain, it cannot be said to be in the form of a liquid or gel.

If you carry lipstick, lipstick and lip gloss in your checked baggage, there are no restrictions. If you're within the allowable limit, another thing worth mentioning for liquid lipstick packaging is that it must be packaged in a quart gallon-sized package. For example, while some may classify gel-based lipsticks as more solid, they must comply with the rule of individual 100 ml containers and come in a quarter-gallon-sized bag with the rest of the liquids. While you're on a flight, you may have to touch up your lipstick a bit, since you have to get off the plane to go to the connecting flight or you've already arrived at your destination and you don't want to greet you with a bland face.

So if you're really wearing your favorite lipstick and don't want to miss it in any way, I suggest you don't put it in your checked baggage. It's easy to think that most makeup, including items like lipstick, could be included in the TSA rule. So you might be wondering if I can carry lipstick in my bag on an airplane for a quick touch-up. Well, let us know the answers below.

You can simply put your favorite lipsticks in your bag and you're ready to go to every checkpoint along your trip. You can usually carry any type of lipstick in your hand luggage, whether it's solid, gel or liquid lipstick, but the way you pack it can change depending on the type. To make packing makeup easier for you, we've prepared a short guide below that explains what type of lipstick you can carry in your hand luggage, the rule about liquids in hand luggage, and some other makeup rules for your hand luggage. But if you only use solid makeup, such as lipstick, face powder, or blush, you don't need to pack them in a quarter-gallon-sized bag.

Lipstick is good for carrying in both checked and hand luggage and, as long as it is a solid type, it won't have to go in the liquid bag. This means that there are no restrictions on the size or amount you take and you don't have to store your lipstick in a quarter-gallon-sized liquid bag when you go through security. Thank God that this makeup line does not manufacture items, especially lipstick, in containers larger than the allowed quantity.