Which lipstick is best?

Our Picks · What to Look For. Drawing inspiration from old sepia portraits and classic Rococo paintings, Lisa Eldridge is a makeup storyteller. Our adoration for these luxurious lipsticks goes beyond a striking pigment or an impressive time of use, they are captivating references tied in a beautiful velvet bow. With a three-minute self-fixing formula and a promise of 16 hours, this brilliant shade is proof that a sophisticated red lip doesn't have to require much maintenance.

Although this kiss-proof formula comes in a variety of flattering tones (bricks, mauves, berries, we could go on). Long-lasting lipsticks are notoriously drying, so to prevent them from clumping, cracking and cracking, opt for a lipstick that's infused with hydrating oils and vitamins and that moves with your lips, even when they dry out. In addition, we'll reveal everything related to lipsticks, from things to consider when choosing the ideal color for you to some tips that Pinkvilla's editors shared with us in this exclusive guide. This sensible liquid lipstick scored 4 for its comfort and pigment, 5 for its use and 4.3 for its total value.

Usually, long-lasting lipsticks tend to come in liquid form, but there are many traditional lipsticks and tubes that can also bless your lips with color that will last all day long. When buying a long-lasting lipstick, Urban Decay's global makeup artist, Steve Kassajikian, recommends first deciding what type of formula you'd like to use. It's hard not to love a lipstick called Orgasm, which looks the same as you'd imagine with a natural blush pink shade. I discovered Poundcake's Cake Batter lipstick while rummaging through my friend's beauty products last year, and I've been obsessed ever since.

This long-lasting lipstick promises to last up to 16 hours without transferring and, of course, it hardly stains or bleeds. Whether you're looking for a long-lasting lipstick formula or one with a matte, creamy, or high-gloss finish, we have a shade for you. Giving your pot a color-conditioning touch that's super easy to create, this is the easiest lipstick you've ever used. One of Armani's best lipsticks is the Lip Maestro, known for its iconic liquid matte colors.

Although a small splurge is nice from time to time, there's absolutely no need to ruin the bill for quality lipsticks. So to make the lipstick buying process less stressful and more fun, it's lipstick, after all, we rounded up the best lipsticks out there. It's best not to choose a nude lipstick that is exactly the same as your skin tone, so that your lips don't disappear.