Why lipstick make lips dark?

Lipsticks may contain a certain amount of chemicals that can cause darkening of the lips compared to regular use. However, lipsticks that are made from cheap ingredients or colorants present in lipsticks are not safe for the skin and are generally more harmful to the skin. Using lip cosmetics such as lipsticks, glosses and balms can do more harm than good. Lipsticks may contain some chemicals that you may be allergic to.

These chemicals may be responsible for causing hyperpigmentation on the lips. Darkening of the lips or pigmentation of the lips over time is a common problem among women, especially Indian women. We have already talked about hyperpigmentation and why it is so popular in the country, considering our erratic climate and other environmental factors. Skin hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that people of color face very often and is caused by excessive melanin production.

Similarly, pigmented lips are due to many reasons, from exposure to the sun to the use of the wrong lip products and lack of hydration. In addition, they can also be the result of smoking, allergies, pregnancy, or even excessive caffeine consumption. And sometimes, it all comes down to genetics and habits in which the lips are constantly dry or chapped. It is usually an immune system problem that prevents the adrenal gland from producing enough essential hormones.

The condition can cause dark spots on the skin, dark lips, or dark gums. Other symptoms include lack of energy, weakness, and a bad mood. Well, anything that comes into contact with the lips can have an adverse effect on the skin tone of the lips. It's best to use a lip balm and an exfoliant enriched with ingredients that help reduce discoloration and reveal softer, softer lips, explains Megha Asher, co-founder of Juicy Chemistry.

Other exfoliants on the market that do a great job of ensuring your lips are hydrated and nourished include the ENN Cinner Lip Scrub + Balm scrub and lip balm (600 rupees), Physicians Formula Organic Wear organic rose oil lip polish (850 rupees), Pixi Beauty nourishing lip polish (1.2 rupees) Rupees), Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Smoothing Sugar Scrub (2,100 Rupees) and Kiko Milano Lip Scrub (690 Rupees). Conditions such as environmental pollution and dehydration can cause dry, chapped, pigmented, and dark lips. When she's not trying out a new serum, researching another classic fragrance and sharing lip balms with her 5-year-old daughter, Latha Sunadh controls it with a beautiful song and a good book. If your lips look purple or have small bumps, it is best to see a doctor for advice and treatment.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in water, such as watermelon, tomato and cucumber, to moisturize your lips and improve tone. Rubbing helps exfoliate your lips to remove dry scales and build-up, which helps you achieve the original softness and color that are hidden underneath. If your lips look darker and take on a blue or purple hue, or if you have difficulty breathing, you should seek immediate medical attention. These pigments can cause or aggravate lip eczema or even perioral dermatitis, causing darkening or pigmentation of the lips around the mouth, says Dr.

Saliva is a dehydrating agent and placing a layer of saliva on the fragile skin of the lips causes inflammation. According to experts, you should exfoliate your lips once or twice a week because rubbing too much could cause microabrasion.

Matte lipsticks

can dry out your lips even more because they can absorb natural oil around your mouth. The expert suggests that applying moisturizers such as ghee or almond oil may help improve lip skin tone.