Which lipstick did bebe choose?

Upvote 71Aja reveals one of Bebe's lipstick options. Since it's been a while since All Stars 3, did BeBe ever reveal who? More results from www, reddit, com It was Trixie according to Aja. As in every episode of All Stars, the queen who lost her lip-sync is expected to reveal who she chose to send home. In this case, Bebe is also expected to reveal the name of the queen she thought was worthy enough to return to the competition.

But first, the four best All Stars overflowed in their season. Who should have reached the two finalists? What names were on Bebe's lipsticks? Did that twist of the eliminated queens choosing the two finalists make you nervous? BendelaCreme, instead of eliminating one of the “queens of the background”, Shangela, Trixie or Kennedy, found herself a little white behind the scenes and carelessly scribbled her own name on a lipstick tube. They said that they felt that BeBe not mentioning them on the main stage was shady at the time, but now they've gotten over it and they don't care and that, ultimately, they were happy to leave, they went home because they would rather be the stolen queen than the queen, who went above and beyond and people started saying that they weren't worthy of doing it. It must be a pleasant surprise to learn that you won the most points in the eliminated Queens lipstick vote.

But if Bebe had won lip-sync instead of BenDeLa, the Seattle-based queen would never have had a chance to send herself out to pack. In the final, the jury (made up of all the eliminated queens, including Trixie) would probably still return and would probably vote Kennedy and BeBe in the top two.