When lipstick day is celebrated?

National Lipstick Day, July 29, encourages you to wear your best color. For some, lipstick is the only makeup requirement. Whether transparent and clear, dark or bright, July 29th requires all types of lipstick. July 29th is National Lipstick Day.

Not all women would say that, but it's true for many. It's a confidence boost and an attitude boost. National Lipstick Day celebrates this attractive component of the cosmetics line. National Lipstick Day is celebrated on July 29th every year.

Lipstick is a fashion accessory that will help improve the look and appearance of yourself. Lipstick is considered to be one of the easiest everyday makeup tools for many women, and using lipstick helps people increase their confidence and makes them feel more beautiful. Throughout history, there have been a lot of controversies about lipstick. In 1770, the British government banned lipstick, claiming it was a diabolical attempt to trick men into marrying.

It is also often blamed for being made with many hazardous chemicals. Men and women have been using lipsticks for thousands of years. Lipstick has the quality to match makeup all over the face. The shades and finishes of the lipstick used may vary depending on the mood, the occasion, the moment, etc.

National Lipstick Day celebrates all types, colors and brands of lipstick. National Lipstick Day is a day for makeup lovers to appreciate different types of lipstick. Many popular brands use this day to sell and market their products widely. There are numerous textures or shades of lipstick available today, so it's customary to try something different today.

Initially, lipsticks were sold in paper tubes, small cans, or tinted papers and were applied with a brush. Lipstick made with carmine dye was the first type of modern lipstick to be made in the 19th century. The history of lipstick dates back to the 13th century, when ancient Mayans, ancient Sumerians, Australian aboriginal tribes and even Cleopatra used various shades of lip color to highlight their beauty. In 1915, Maurice Levy invented lipstick in cylindrical metal containers with a small lever on the side of the tube, although push-up packs were already available in Europe.

In the 19th century, the first commercial lipstick made of deer tallow, castor oil and beeswax, was manufactured in France and the lipstick completely peeled off. Makeup brands show off their iconic lipsticks on social media, and there's also an increase in videos focusing on lipsticks in the YouTube makeup artist community. It has also come to symbolize many things for women, especially over the ages, and is still an important part of many makeup routines today. Those who avoid wearing bright colors on a normal day can take this opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and opt for a bold lipstick to dazzle their friends and co-workers.

Lipsticks were somehow also popularized in ancient China with beeswax, and in ancient Greece, where courtesans wore berry-derived dyes on their lips. There's no way you have lipstick in all colors yet and that burgundy just calls you by name. It is also noted that most Only Male models use lipsticks, otherwise men in the United States prefer only colorless lip balms to moisturize. In the spirit of the day, some girls put on their first lipsticks and others who have never used lipstick have a good excuse to try on some.

Nowadays, all kinds of lipstick shades are being experimented with and the collections are expanded with new additions. .