Which lipstick is safe to use?

Beautycounter is one of our favorite brands when it comes to safe, high-quality cosmetics and personal care products. Their lipsticks and glosses come in a wide variety of colors to complement a variety of skin tones. Many lipsticks contain very harmful chemicals such as BHA, quaternium-15, diazolidinylurea, fragrances and heavy metals. Some of these chemicals can be found on the label.

Learn more about makeup chemicals here. Alkanet has a rating of 1 in the EWG's Skin Deep cosmetics database. The Safe and Chic website has a large selection of 100% Pure lipsticks. If you want to find the safest lipsticks to use, then you need to find lipsticks that don't contain chemicals and aren't contaminated with heavy metals.

Independent studies found lead, a neurotoxin related to learning and behavioral problems, in more than 60% of the lipsticks tested. If lead in lipstick worries you, then you'll want to be proactive in other areas of your beauty routine and also in your home. These lipsticks stay soft, provide long-lasting color, and are more affordable than most competitors. I'm going to update this post soon, so I'll be keeping an eye out for castor oil-free lipsticks.

As such, not all of their lipsticks are suitable for vegans, although they say they are actively looking for an alternative to this pigment. If you're like me, you've been wondering for a long time how you could find a truly non-toxic lipstick. Ecco Bella is one of the best-known natural lipstick brands on the market, and has been in business since 1992. Scary information considering that women ingest approximately 2 to 9 pounds of lipstick over their lifetime. Their lipstick collection (See price at Walmart) is no exception, with all the coverage of a lipstick and all the hydration of a lip balm.

Mineral Fusion cosmetics are EWG certified, which means that the Environmental Working Group has carried out strict checks on the ingredients and has awarded the brand designation as a safer cosmetic. Nowadays it's easier than ever to replace your classic red lips or a bold purple with a safe, non-toxic lipstick that can last all day without staining, bleeding or discoloration. This means that, without seeing the results of laboratory tests, you'll never know if your lipstick contains an unsafe amount of lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. These are lipsticks with excellent ingredients and are not colored by ingredients that may be contaminated with heavy metals.

Benecos lipstick contains very clean ingredients such as organic jojoba and sunflower oils to moisturize.