Which lipstick stays on longest?

Our Picks · How We Tested · Other Options We Tested. It turns out that the best matte lipstick for Mac is much loved by famous makeup artists like Jamie Greenberg, who told PEOPLE that he keeps it in his kit at all times for clients like Rashida Jones, Molly Shannon and Jane Levy. The votes have come in and the reviewers said that MAC Matte lipstick was on its back. Critics praised that lipstick was as soft as butter and would never dry out, bleed or become heavy during hours of use.

One noted that the traditional round tip felt tube is made to have clean edges, so there's no need to use a lip liner. We also love that it's available in a rainbow of shades to flatter any skin tone. When considering lipsticks, you'll want the color to stay true and at the same time be comfortable to wear, MAC Cosmetics senior national makeup artist John Stapleton tells PEOPLE. The shelves are filled with transfer-resistant, long-lasting lipsticks that will stay in place from your first celebratory toast to that goodnight kiss.

They liked the easy-to-use applicator and were impressed with the staying power and transfer resistance. These gold tubes, exclusive to Harvey Nichols, reveal a matte but extraordinarily hydrating bullet that imparts a velvety color with true staying power. With a suede finish, powder-coated finish and a breathable formula, the long-lasting lipstick feels soft and light on the lips. In addition, its staying power is incredible, and its palette-shaped applicator makes lining and applying lip color at the same time absolutely easy.

But if you're anything like us, finding one that stays still for hours through sips, bites, or a kiss from your partner can seem almost impossible. To analyze each lipstick, they applied the product to clean lips and let them dry, then reported on the immediate texture and feel. Not to mention that every swipe of this liquid lipstick treats your lips with hydrating hyaluronic acid and moisturizing oils derived from sunflower, jojoba and castor seeds. Maybelline's colourful matte ink will last so long that you'll need a lip color remover balm to remove it.

It shouldn't surprise us to learn that there's absolutely nothing subtle about Christian Louboutin's signature velvety lipsticks. This formula may be barely visible on your lips, but every stroke of this matte lipstick with a suede texture leaves a completely opaque line of color, no matter which of its six shades of red you choose. Long-lasting lipsticks are notoriously drying, so to prevent them from clumping, cracking and cracking, opt for a lipstick that's infused with hydrating oils and vitamins and that moves with your lips, even when they dry out. All reviewers said they had some trouble applying liquid lipstick; the formula is packaged in a triangular tube with a small wand applicator.

But now, the best liquid lipsticks on the market are ready to greet your lips with velvety formulas that don't move.