What lipstick goes with blue eyeshadow?

For that reason, true reds are out of the question, but a dark purple goes perfectly with the blue shade. Look for a purple lipstick that inclines more towards eggplant than magenta, as any touch of fuchsia or pink will erase the look completely. Can you use blue eye shadow with brown eyes? Absolutely. As shown above, blue eye shadow looks beautiful on people with brown eyes.

What color lipstick goes with blue eye shadow? Alison Brie has made the blue eyeshadow look super elegant, this shade of teal blended perfectly with the star's elegant minimalist and elegant outfit. A bold eyeshadow color like blue goes hand in hand with the smoky, sexy and glamorous makeup style that is so popular today. When you put on a striking blue eyeshadow, choosing the right lipstick is essential to balance the look. While anyone can wear a fun blue eyeshadow, choosing a shade that complements your eye color is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd.

Combine it with a bright nude pink lipstick for a subtle touch of color that gives your lips a better but better look. Combining your neutral eyeshadow with an orange-red lipstick is a gorgeous, superposable combination that makes your lips the star of the show. By showing off a bold shade on the eyelids, such as deep navy blue, the subtle nude pink lips help balance the look. Not to mention that fuchsia lipstick looks great in both matte and glossy formulas, so depending on your mood, you can try both finishes and see which one you prefer to use most often.

The soft taupe color of the eyelids provides enough color, while the pink lipstick adds a natural finish to the lips and helps brighten the complexion, like the beautiful pink pout of actress Madison Iseman. Combining your eye shadow with a contrasting shade of lipstick is a great way to experiment with color and try new trends. Since blues have a natural cool shade, if you want to use a deep lip color with blue eye shadow, it's essential that it has an equally cool undertone. Orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel, so colors with orange hues, such as warm browns and terracottas, will better complement your bright blue eyes.

Ultimately, there's a time and a place for monochrome makeup and there's a time and a place for colorful eye shadows and lipsticks of a different shade. For a face with shades approved for fall, apply a bright, copper eyeshadow to your eyelids, and then wipe a deep wine-colored lipstick through your mouth. Nude pink lipstick is a basic shade found in almost every makeup bag and goes well with other eyeshadow colors if you want to try it with other palettes.