What lipstick color is best for me?

Experiment with the tones that experts recommend for your complexion and skin tone. If you have fair or fair skin, try light pink, coral, peach, nude, or beige. If you have medium skin, try shades of pink, mauve, or berry. If you have tanned skin, try to avoid browns and purples and opt for colors with an orange tint.

For cool tones, look for lip colors that also have similar tones in the base. Lipstick, lip glass, lip gloss, lip balms, eyeliners, and pencils are cosmetic products that contain pigments that must be applied to color or protect the lips. Throughout history, especially at the beginning, this type of makeup was used to represent social status, a right of way and different stages of life. Of course, it is closely linked to fashion.

Grey-toned lipsticks have the misconception of washing your face, but the key is to opt for one with cold tones (such as Melt Cosmetics lipstick by Space Cake), since it favors most shades and can even make your teeth appear whiter. For women with tanned skin, avoiding brown and overly purple lipsticks is a good idea, as colors may clash with this complexion. When in doubt, a tinted balm can adjust to the color of your lips and adapt to a variety of styles (in addition, it will also moisturize). If your undertone is neutral, like that of an olive complexion, you'll be lucky enough to look great in both warm and cold colors.

Whether you're looking for the most striking shade or a great everyday color, we'll help you find a lipstick that's tailored to your needs. Coal tar is used as a pigment in many commercially produced lipsticks and is often labeled as FD, FD&C or FDC and the name of the color (red, blue, etc.) Deep plums, berries, dark purple and reds also tend to be striking in dark-skinned women, while pale lipsticks should be avoided. You can use an electric blue or violet color, or even an intense pink color if you combine the base color of your lips with the shades of your skin. Sure, you have warm undertones, but your complexion looks so uneven that you're not sure any shade of lipstick will look good.

If you have warm, gold or olive undertones, you'll want to look for these same shades in your lip color. The beauty of a neutral skin tone is that you don't have to worry too much about shade families when choosing your lipstick colors. Although lip products come in every color of the rainbow, the most popular colors include shades of red, pink, purple and nude. With all the options available, finding the right lipstick color for you can feel overwhelming.

Nude lip colors can help draw attention to the eyes or simply add the perfect touch to a polished look. If you have this skin tone, colors like pink, beige, pink, coral and peach will be flattering options.